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Golden Section – Csák Beatrix

Duda Éva Dance Company’s newest project is representing the new generation of Hungarian artists, with which they brought some fresh vibes to the life of their team. Beatrix Csák and Attila Rónai are both young artists whose professional experience have made them mature and prepared to create their own work. The desire for freedom is in the focus of the choreographers, the cohesion of a community, and the manifestations and the impact of personal points of conflicts and individual symbioses. They both create purely in the language of dance and movement, excluding any frills, deliberate dramatic or other theatrical effects.

Beatrix’s vision for her piece was all harmony, balance, elegant simplicity and being in symmetry. Her dancers were working hard and stayed all that as they were always in an impossible, beautiful movement for almost and hour.

The costumes were all clam, earthy tones, beige, brown, etc. All of them had a little exciting detail, while together for the first look they are all simple, calm and could have been a simple piece walk next to you on the streets. I have to be careful with the production of the clothes so they could support the dancers during their hard movements.