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Dress-Coding Design is a small group designing clothes and accessories for people with with disabilities. You can read about Jázmin here, she has to wear a corset due to her spine issues, which often times makes it harder for her to dress comfortably and express herself through clothes. I designed an outfit for her and she guided me on the way, told me what she needs. It was a great experience to be part of this project I learn so much, met many amazing people and was so happy to help Jázmin be more comfortable in her clothes while looking great.
Thank you to Huszár Fanni and the @dresscoding_design team!

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Dress – Coding, positive social impact thought fashion.

Dress-Coding uses technology to make fashion work better. In this project technology helped us in the pattern making process. Fanni created them in a 3D program to exactly match Jázmin’s body and to align with the corset. First we 3D scanned her, got a 3D avatar then we used that in a 3D program for pattern-making: CLO. This way the production was much faster, more exact from the beginning and we saved some fabric too along the way. You can see me here doing finishing touches and cutting the pieces out to prepare them for sewing.

Jázmin wanted something she could wear everyday but looks a bit more special and reflects on who she it; a young, energetic, smiley person. Who is also quite wise competed to her age. She think of her corset as something that helps her in the long run and isn’t afraid to show it in her outfits. She also paints on it to make it more fun and personal.

Under the corset we had to create a smooth surface, the least amount of wrinkles and sewing lines, to protect from further pressure and skin irritation. This was especially hard to achieve around the armpits. But on the arm we wanted something more playful and flowing, so we made balloon sleeves. Still practical since it’s not too long and tight around the wrists.
There is also a soft fitted body underneath to protect Jázmin’s skin, she could also use that under any garment.

The trousers are simple and elegant, to balance out the more funky top. And also to show Jázmin’s more calm and classic side. Here we needed to pay attention to the waste and hip areas, where the corset could put pressure on Jázmin’s body. So we placed the usual front zipper to one side where the corset didn’t pressure her, we lost the belt loops and the pockets, preventing any extra layer to hurt.

We recorded the whole process, check it out: